Spring Cleaning

So today marks the ‘official’ start of Spring. The season has connotations of renewal, rebirth….and a good spring clean.

And here at Postdoc Solutions, we’ve been doing our own spring cleaning, looking over what’s working, what we can improve, what we’re going to let go of, and what we’d like to change. More on that in the months to come…

But for now, this month’s post is all about YOU. In usual style, I’m opening up the floor to hear your comments, questions and experiences. But rather than lead the discussion with a post on a burning issue, this month, I’d simply love to hear your thoughts and input on the blog.

What would you like more of – or less of – from these blog posts? Fewer of them? Different content? Alternative format?

This is your chance to shape the coming seasons of posts and offerings from Postdoc Solutions. Or if there’s other, non-blog related things you’d like to see us do, please let me know!

So don’t be shy – share!

Here’s to a season of renewal!


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