Get Published

the ECR's essential guide to successful academic publishing

Feeling the pressure to publish, but you’ve never published before or are still relatively new to the game?

Anxious & stressed about finding time to write amidst more urgent demands?


Unsure about how to write ‘academically’, or how the academic publishing industry works?


Then join us in Get Published: the ECR’s essential guide to successful academic publishing

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Get Published provides you with clarity about the academic publishing landscape, skills and know-how about how to write for academe, and a proven, step-by-step method for getting your academic writing done – and published!

  • Write a clearly argued and original paper or other writing project.
  • On time – and with minimal stress.
  • With expert mentoring and strategic advice while you write.
  • And a community of peers to support you.

Get Published guides you through the publishing landscape - from start to finish.

Access online modules, strategic advice, a simple method for completing your writing project or goal in minimal time, honed academic writing skills, and answers to all your questions...

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BONUS resources to make writing and publishing easier; a private online forum that connects you with other ECRs; and ongoing personal support and advice.


This hands-on program is unique: you'll learn - and implement - as much about HOW to write as WHAT to write. Plus you’ll identify when to write (and write productively) – saving you time and wasted effort.

Get Published is for you if, irrespective of your current publishing record, you:

  • Want to become more competitive/valuable in the postdoc job market

  • Want a publication record that makes you stand out from the rest

  • Need to wise up fast about the publishing landscape

  • Find writing for publication stressful, overwhelming, and/or a complete mystery

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an individual ECR seeking a single place, or a University administrator interested in booking a group of seats, please click below on the pre-registration link and indicate when and how many seats you would like to book. You’ll find details of the course launch dates available for this year. We’ll then be in touch to organise payment and course commencement.

This course is self-paced in terms of when you listen to the Modules and undertake the Module tasks. We provide you with a timetable to help you to complete the course in the space of 7 weeks, however, your circumstances may be such that you need more than this, which is completely fine. Please note that access to the Module content is for 12 months from the time of enrollment.

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